You may not be aware, but if you’ve had a spare five minutes to read my bio, you’ll know that I spent 8 years teaching English as a Foreign Language to International Military Students in Britannia Royal Naval College which is the premier officer training establishment for the Royal Navy in the UK. I can honestly say, hand on heart, that in the whole 8 years there was never a dull moment…
My debut novel ‘An Officer And A Gentleman Wanted’ was loosely based on my experiences while I was there. It’s written in a light-hearted diary style covering a whole term in the College. Yes there is some romance (I did actually meet my husband there…) but it is primarily a comedy.
I pulled this book temporarily from Amazon after a particularly cruel review on .com. The reviewer was very scathing about the heroine (who is after all me!) I can only say that I tried to convey the insecurities of a woman in her forties who finds herself alone and is trying to combine a career with grown up children and the desire to have someone special in her life – and, of course, I tried to do in a humorous way.
Generally the reviews on Amazon UK have been better than on Amazon US. I’m not sure whether that’s because the humour is essentially British and resonates more with us on this side of the pond. That said, I have had more wonderful emails from readers for this book than any other – many of which have come from the US. I’ve included a couple here in case you’re interested:

“Just finished your book. I can, hand on heart, never laughed so much whilst reading. I read outside in the garden at my London home. My very close neighbours think I’m a weirdo for laughing when they can’t hear anyone else with me!! Congratulations on producing a hilarious book. We need more…..”

“As an ex- Navel Officer I couldn’t resist trying your first book, Beverley. A smile on every page. Just delightful.”

“I finished reading An Officer And A Gentleman Wanted, and was thoroughly charmed! I normally only read mysteries, but I was in the mood for something light, saw your book on Amazon, and had to have it. Now, contrary to popular beliefs, I always judge a book by it’s cover, and yours is dynamite! Thanks for keeping me in tears, I needed a good laugh (I suffer from depression and agoraphobia) so you really helped. I especially loved the Nelson adventures, the one where she is like a turtle stuck on it’s back really got me going. Thank you so much!” (From Becca in Indiana USA)

I’ve debated long and hard whether to re-release An Officer And A Gentleman Wanted, and at the end of the day I’ve decided to do so because I know it’s made a lot of people laugh. And that, quite simply is enough – especially in today’s uncertain global climate.

If you’d like to give it a go, you can buy it from the following links, or get it free with Kindle Unlimited:



I only ask that if it’s not your cup of tea, please be gentle with me…

An update on Book Three of The Dartmouth Diaries – All For Victory. You’ll be happy (I hope) to know that I am still on course for an end of October/beginning of November release and will of course keep you informed 🙂

Thank you so much for your interest in my writing.

Beverley x