Claiming Victory

Claiming Victory is a funny contemporary romantic comedy that will appeal to every woman who still believes fairy tales can come true…

…“So let me get this straight Admiral. Your plan is to somehow get the most famous actor in the world, to fall in love with your daughter Victory, who we both love dearly, but – and please don’t take offence Sir – who you yourself admit is built generously across the aft, and whose face is unlikely to launch the Dartmouth ferry, let alone a thousand ships…”

Victory Shackleford is a spinster, or at least well on the way to becoming one. She is thirty two years old, still lives with her father – an eccentric retired Admiral, and the love of her life is a dog.
She thinks her father is reckless, irresponsible, and totally incapable of looking after himself. He thinks his daughter is a boring nagging harpy with no imagination or sense of adventure and what’s more, he’s determined to get her married off.
Unfortunately there’s no one in the picturesque yachting town of Dartmouth that Tory is remotely interested in, despite her father’s best efforts.
But all that is about to change when she discovers that her madcap father has rented out their house as a location shoot for the biggest blockbuster of the year. As cast and crew descend, Tory’s humdrum orderly existence is turned completely upside down, especially as the lead actor has just been voted the sexiest man on the planet…

Full of romantic humour, Claiming Victory is a must for fans of funny love stories, especially quirky British Romantic comedies.


Sweet Victory

Against all the odds, perfectly ordinary girl next door, Victory Shackleford has won the heart of Hollywood heartthrob Noah Westbrook. But after a whirlwind courtship, the dust is now settling and Tory is faced with the reality of life with the most famous actor in the world. And it’s not all hearts and flowers, especially as the newspapers seem intent on digging up every bit of dirt about her they can possibly find.

When a secret comes to light that could not only land her madcap, irresponsible father in jail, but completely wreck Noah’s acting career, Tory faces an impossible decision – one that could result in her losing everything.

And not all fairy tales end happily ever after…

Sweet Victory is another funny contemporary romantic comedy that will appeal to all fans of funny love stories, especially quirky British Romantic Comedies.



All For Victory

If you’re looking for the perfect holiday read, with lots of romance and laugh out loud comedy, then curl up with All For Victory, the latest entry in the Dartmouth Diaries series.

It’s not often that a fledgling career in Event Management kicks off with the wedding of a Hollywood superstar. Of course the fact that this particular Hollywood star is marrying her best friend might have had something to do with the fact that ex gallery owner, Kit Davies landed the job.
That, and the fact that she was about to become homeless and penniless…

But organizing her friend Victory’s big fat Hollywood wedding in the small yachting haven of Dartmouth, without alerting the media, is not for the faint hearted, and Kit very quickly realizes that she’s way out of her depth – especially as the bride to be has a secret of her own that is rapidly changing her disposition from a fairy tale Cinderella to a would-be Godzilla.

Add to that the ongoing machinations of Victory’s father, who not only has his own agenda, but has decades of experience in the art of being slippery and evasive.

Inviting Hollywood to Dartmouth might actually be the least of Kit’s worries…

All For Victory is the perfect laugh-out-loud, feel good book for fans of funny love stories, especially quirky British Romantic Comedies.

Chasing Victory

Another perfect holiday read with lots of romance and laugh out loud comedy, Chasing Victory is the final entry in the Dartmouth Diaries.

Kit Davies has been dating the gorgeous Captain Jason Buchannan for six months – Six whole months of being wheeled out as his significant other at various Naval functions. While she’s not convinced she has the makings of a future Officer’s wife, things have been pretty good, and at least she hasn’t caused a diplomatic incident – yet

Then one memorable evening, Jason drops a bombshell. His father’s health is failing and he wants to retire from the Royal Navy, and relocate to his crumbling ancestral home in the wilds of Scotland.

And he wants Kit to go with him.

But Kit has too much unfinished business in Dartmouth to just up sticks and leave. She’s worked hard to build up her Event Management business, then there’s her best friend Tory who’s just had a baby, and her Aunt Flo who to date still hasn’t told Kit the whole truth about her father.

When Hollywood superstar Noah Westbrook agrees to help finance Jason’s plans to convert his pile of ruins into a luxury hotel, Kit begins to get desperate. How can she leave everything she’s ever known for a man she’s only known for six months? It’s no secret that she has trust issues, not to mention a ridiculous fear of change. In fact, burying her head in the sand is probably her strongest talent…

Decision time comes as Jason’s father Hugo goes missing from hospital. It’s no surprise to anyone that Tory’s irresponsible father is at the bottom of it, but in deciding to drag his old friend on an impromptu road trip across the country, the meddling Admiral may finally have gone too far…

Chasing Victory is the perfect laugh-out-loud, feel good book for fans of funny love stories, especially quirky British Romantic Comedies

An Officer And A Gentleman Wanted

An Officer And A Gentleman Wanted is a very funny British Comedy written in a light-hearted diary style, very loosely based on real events…

Beverley Wilkins promised herself when she started working at Britannia Royal Naval College, the Royal Navy’s premier officer training establishment, that she would eventually become that most envied of creatures – an officer’s wife!
She might be divorced and in her mid 40s, but it doesn’t mean she’s given up on romance – after all, she’s seen ‘An Officer and a Gentleman’…!
The only problem is that so far, the only man in her life is her dog Nelson who unfortunately has a mind of his own – not for nothing was he named after Britain’s greatest hero…!
But it’s a new term which means new officers.
Anything could happen…!

If you’re a fan of humorous military stories with a little bit of romance thrown in, then An Officer And A Gentleman Wanted is for you…

Praise for An Officer and a Gentleman Wanted…

“A well written and funny insight into the life of a civilian lady in a position of authority in a Royal Naval training establishment. Nelson, her dog, has half a mind of his own, (the other half is hiding somewhere) loved by all, causes her some problems, wonderful..”

“This irreverent story is a mixture of vulnerable femininity, delinquent dog and an irrepressible sense of fun in a setting of stuffy tradition at one of the world’s most famous naval training establishments. It’s well-written, fun and funny.”

“Best described as ‘Bridget Jones in a military establishment, it made me laugh out loud.”

“Eye-wateringly funny romantic comedy, it’s very clever and a very easy read”

“A rip-roaring funny romantic comedy”


 A Murderous Valentine

Admiral Shackleford, Royal Navy (retired) was bored. Having been instrumental in improving the lives of so many (his words – others might be inclined to call it something slightly different…), he was struggling to reignite the spark in his own love life with the feisty Mabel. Short on ideas, he decides to gatecrash his much put upon former Master At Arms and best friend Jimmy Noon’s Valentine idea and ends up in the middle of a murder mystery weekend where real murder is on someone else’s script.

Stranded in the middle of nowhere with a hotel full of potential murderers, the unstoppable duo embark on a series of blundering escapades in an attempt to uncover the Murderous Valentine…

The Admiral and Jimmy may be more Laurel and Hardy than Holmes and Watson, but can they catch a murderer…?

This humorous cozy mystery short read is the first in The Admiral Shackleford Mysteries.



A Murderous Marriage

Admiral Charles Shackleford and his much put upon best friend and former Master At Arms Jimmy Noon have achieved local celebrity status since becoming Dartmouth’s answer to Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.

When an old naval friend, Barney Bennett, dies in an unexpected car accident, the Admiral can’t help but wonder at the likelihood of the brakes failing in a top of the range sports car – especially when he discovers that Barney’s much younger widow has already buried two previous husbands in mysterious circumstances.

With no evidence to suggest otherwise, the police record a verdict of accidental death, but the Admiral remains unconvinced that Barney wasn’t given a bit of a helping hand exiting this mortal coil.

Enlisting Jimmy’s help to investigate, the duo soon discover that Barney’s demise may well be the tip of the iceberg as they follow a trail of deceit and betrayal leading back seven years.

Is Birdie Bennett simply very unfortunate, or is she a Black Widow, living under their very noses?

This humorous cozy mystery short read is the second in The Admiral Shackleford Mysteries, but can be read as a standalone. It follows British English spelling and usage.